All our kittens are raised in the home however a kitten pen is always used in the first 2 to 3 weeks, this is why your kitten is litter trained, the small space enables us to litter train and keep the kittens safe untill their eyes are fully developed. The kittens are handled from 2 weeks of age and subjected to every day noises such as the hoover, television and cooking. The kittens have free roam of the room as soon as they are litter trained and from about 6 weeks they are allowed the full run of our house.


All kittens come with a kittencare pack which has a feeding plan, some food to get you stated and all your kittens documents including, 4 weeks insurance, full registered pedigree and a Vaccination card. Once you have chosen your kitten you will need to leave a deposit, a minimum of £50 after which you can visit your kitten as many times as you like, or you can always get updates and pics sent through text. Once the last vaccination has passed a week then we will contact you to arrange collection, all kittens collected must leave in a cat carrier fit for the purpose to travel.